Converting Your Old Allis-Chalmers "G"
Cultivating Tractor to an Electric Vehicle

"Off-the-Shelf" Parts List

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Following is a list of parts we ordered to do this conversion with 2003 pricing and suppliers.
Please note that in June 2007 someone told me that the parts list is MORE EXPENSIVE - like up to $3000 (though that includes an AWESOME battery charger!!) .... of course you could go with the cheap battery charging option - and that ncludes ALL the parts EVA recommends, and you can see that I've listed some as "optional", but you should be prepared that the prices I have below are not the same anymore!

I still absolutely recommend EVA -they are so awesome at this and people working with them seem to like them as much as I do... I also still recommend Niekamp Tool Company's machining work, which is still the same $500 now. It does make things a LOT faster in terms of your time doing the conversion. You could also hire a local machinist or do it yourself, but Herman does 10 at a time and has templates set up to make them, so I am quite sure that you will spend far more if you have it done locally. Also, he "sets things up" so it makes it super fast to bolt onto the tractor.

Finally, (though this is getting too long) I can't imagine farming WITHOUT our electric tractors. These have now been running for many, many years, and they are (so far, knock on wood!) totally bombproof. We REALLY abuse them - and compared to our expensive new big Diesel tractor that I paid gazillions of dollars for only 3 years ago, BOTH tractors combined have required about 10% of the upkeep/maintenance/fixit work of that one stupid tractor (and it was NEW!) Things that have gone wrong on our electrics are corroded wires to the battery terminals AND I shorted through a wire to the hydraulic pump. In all cases it just means replacing a wire and the cost of a few cents... some of the battery lugs get melted, so I have to replace those ($1.50/ea). If I would keep them clean, it wouldn't happen, but... it's just we get in a rush... and I mean to do it tomorrow, and then 3 months later... "pop".... and I can see another one shorted out. Even the batteries are still fine now that we know to recharge them overnight after even short runs (and I put them on a charger once every 3 weeks during the winter). Okay, enough of the 2007 update on parts!

Parts ordered from:

Phone: (603) 569-2100, Email:, Website:

We lucked into getting our parts from Bob Battson at Electric Vehicles of America. I'm sure there are other places that you could order these parts from because they are pretty standard, but I didn't see them cheaper elsewhere on the internet..

Although I have to admit that I chose EVA because of pricing, MUCH more important than the low prices ended up being the service he provided. Bob definitly doesn't look at his job as just selling parts. He answered countless phone calls with even my stupidest questions as I was going along (I knew NOTHING about electric vehicles). I did try to read the instruction manuals that came with the parts we ordered, but maybe because I had no background in it, I got stuck a lot, and he never seemed to get annoyed with walking me through what I needed to do verbally. I know he works with a lot of school groups, and I generally felt like I needed handholding at a very elementary level, and he seemed happy to provide it.

Maybe I'm going on too long about how great Bob is, but... his service was very important because, unlike with a gasoline engine, you can't just call up any local service technician if you have problem. Things don't go wrong as often with electric systems, and they are generally easier to fix, but... if you DO have a problem you want someone that can be there immediately to walk you through troubleshooting, and he's definitely done that for us (even years after buying the parts).

A00-4009 Advanced DC Motor - (24-72V and 2-12Hp) - $475.00
AllTrax AXE-4844M Controller - (with 400 Amp limit) - $295.00
PB-6 Potbox - $80.00
Albright Contactor SW-80 (You should get an ALL WEATHER one, we didn't) - $55.00

Qty 4 Trojan 12 volt batteries -30XHS - @ $85 each [major price inc. for 2007!]
Lester Battery Charger, 115 VAC Input, 48 VDC Output - $375.00
Battery Terminal Protective Covers - $1.50 each - $12.00
1Ga Cable Package - 12 ft black - $80.00
heavy duty battery lugs (25) and heat shrink tubing (3 ft)

OPTIONAL INSTRUMENTATION (we don't have these items on our first tractor, and don't miss them... (2007 update) I bought this, but... I have to admit I never put them on the second tractor either! Still don't miss them... but it WOULD be cool to see!!!!)
Curtis Fuel Guage 48V - $110.00
Ammeter 0-200 A Westberg - $55.00
Shunt for ammeter 50mV 200A - $30.00
Total (2003) Price: $1325 per tractor in essential parts (PLUS charger).
For the first two years, we used a cheap $25 12 volt battery charger from Walmart and charged one battery at a time. It was Bob's suggestion because he knew we were trying to do things as cheaply as possible. It definitely worked, but now that we have the "real" charger (listed above) that does all the batteries together at higher amps... and equalizes them all... it definitely feels worth the price. It's better for the batteries too, in the long run.

Parts ordered from Niekamp Tool Company (phone: 845-338-7959)
TOTAL COST FOR ALL PARTS IN THIS SECTION AND NEXT, PRE-FITTED TOGETHER *AND* WITH CUSTOM MACHINED PLATES AND PARTS IS $500 if you buy it from Herman. He charges for the ordering and the plate making and the custom work.
(Note: Instead of buying the pieces in from Niekamp Tool Company, you can instead choose to have all these pieces made at a local machine shop OR even machine them yourself. We've provided specification sheets . However, it is CHEAPER to have Niekamp Tool Co. do it for you, because they were involved in the initial design and have the experience (and more importantly the templates) to punch these out very quickly now.

Prices will vary drastically based on the cost of steel... prices are for estimation purposes only. AC-G Pulley Stub $85
AC-G Clutch Plate Adapter Ring $45 AC-G Motor Plate $45
AC-G Bell Plate $55
AC-G Bearing Distributors Kit (same price as below)
AC-G Nut and Bolt Pack $12

Total (not including Bearing Distributors parts): $242.00

Parts ordered from BEARING DISTRIBUTORS mail order company, 800-784-2550
You do NOT need to order these parts unless you want to machine the above listed plates, stub and adapter yourself. If you plant to order the machined parts from Niekamp Tool Company (recommended) they will order these pieces for you, fit them to their machined parts, and then ship you the pieces pre-assembled and ready to bolt on to your tractor. I am listing these pieces here JUST for people that want to do all the metal work themselves.

1.5" wide Timing belt - part no. 240H150 $11.64
7/8 inch bushing between shaft on the electric motor and the motor-pulley - Part no. 11008 $7.40
Smaller Pulley for motor shaft - Part No. P16H150-110 8 $21.64
Larger pulley for tractor side - Part No. P32H200-2517 $41.04
Needle Bearing (11/16 inch, by 15/16 inch by 3/4 inch) - Part no. JH1112 $4.70
Zirc Fitting - Part no. Zirc Fitting 1/4-28 $0.50
(qty 2) Rubber seal bearings - Part no. 6007 -2NSE $27 each.

Total Price: $140.94

From your local auto-parts store (or radio shack) you also need to buy one small $5 on-off switch, about ten feet of single-strand insulated 14 gauge wire (as is used in automotive wiring) and what Radio Shack calls "Quick Disconnects" ($1.69 for a pack) that crimp on to one side of the wire and will slide on to the small terminals off your Controller.